Cemetery Etiquette

All guests shall behave in a respectful manner; those exhibiting inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the premises.

Dogs must be leashed.

Decorations Policy

The City of Lenexa assumes no responsibility for the placement or maintenance of any decorations placed on graves.


  • Artificial flowers are required to be displayed in containers.
  • All decorations must be within six (6) inches of any monument. Anything placed outside six (6) inches will be removed by the Sexton.


  • Shepherd’s hooks
  • In-ground plantings
  • Hanging décor
  • Physical structures or materials; for example, fencing or edging material
  • Mulching material or gravel

For any decorations not specifically listed here, please call the cemetery office at 913-477-7133 to confirm if they are allowed.

Planning Considerations

People you may need to contact

  • Funeral home or crematory
  • Cemetery
  • Church or minister
  • Relatives, friends, acquaintances (may need to arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests)
  • Employers and schools of those attending the service
  • Arrange for childcare, if needed
  • Insurance companies
  • Notify utilities, landlord and post office if deceased was living alone
  • Veteran’s association
  • Member organizations
  • Family attorney and executor of will
  • Check on all debts and installment payments, including credit cards
  • If Social Security checks are automatic deposit, notify bank of the death

Items to bring to funeral home or crematory

  • Obituary information, including list of surviving relatives

  • Clothing and personal accessories

  • Cemetery paperwork

  • Social security information for death certificate

  • If applicable: Life insurance and military discharge information

Possible decisions to make for funeral home

  • Decide on amount to spend on service/arrangements

  • Select cemetery or memorial garden
  • Select the casket or urn
  • Order tent and chairs if desired
  • Know how many copies of death certificate are needed
  • Select outside burial container
  • Select pallbearers
  • Select music for service
  • Select readings for service
  • Prepare eulogy
  • Select types of floral/plant arrangements (arrange for disposition of flowers after funeral)
  • Inform funeral home of military honor, if applicable
  • Set up memorial fund (church, hospice, charity or school)

Cemetery Arrangements

  • Meet with Cemetery staff for information and pricing
  • Select burial/cremation space if not already owned
  • Pay fee for opening and closing the plot (at time of interment only)

Need Assistance?

Whether you need immediate assistance or wish to preplan, our staff will guide you through the process, ensuring your needs are met.

Local Funeral Homes

Please call a licensed funeral home to begin the process of interment. The sexton makes arrangements with the funeral home. The City of Lenexa does not provide tents, chairs, matting, lowering devices or other items for graveside services.

  • 7700 Shawnee Mission Pkwy.
    Overland Park, KS 66202


Only authorized service providers may be used.

Kansas City Monument
Bryan Chidester

Four County Monuments
Shane Stout

Bluhm Monuments
Dan Bluhm

Monument Requirements

  • Design and order monument from approved service provider
  • Order final date on existing monument
  • Inform sexton of orders and expected completion dates